There’s a new way to get things done—just ask Siri—
and Siri asked me for design help.
Spring 2010
Web Design
Web Development
CMS Integration
App Design

Back in 2010, the world was still rocking iPhones 3G, Blackberries, and Motorola Droids. Remember the one with the sliding keyboard? That’s when the first modern virtual assistant - Siri - was born as a stand-alone app.

I joined the team to help unify the app’s design and its marketing materials.

Marketing poster


The first challenge was communicating and explaining this new concept. It meant defining an entirely new kind of interaction. It meant presenting it in a way that appeals to billions of users.

Research proved that a show-and-tell approach would work best. We came up with an innovative technique (for that time) for the marketing website. It interacted with users, highlighting how the virtual assistant comes handy in everyday situations.

Design evolution


I then refined the designs based on user feedback. The updates were reflected in the app’s look & feel to keep the experience consistent.

With the final designs in place, I then built and launched the complete website with the new branding. It was all done on a very tight deadline with launch schedules looming.

Website designs


The launch was a resounding success with high adoption rates and raving press. A couple of months later, Apple acquired Siri, and the rest, as they say, is history. As a final step, I assisted with the transition of the design assets.

Lucian is a Miltonian man. He not only offered a number of innovative design concepts, but he built and QA'd the entire site. Still further, he did all this a on very tight schedule. I'd definitely recommend Lucian to design and/or build your website and hope that we have the opportunity to work together again in the future.

Faith Sedlin, CMO, Siri

Siri lost its original branding in the Apple integration. However, some of the initial interactions still live on to this day. It was a great accomplishment to have influenced this iconic product and establish some of the basis of voice interfaces.