Katharine Page

A hand-crafted experience for a new breed of equestrian-inspired American classics.
Summer 2013
Informational Architecture
Web Design
Web Development
CMS Integration
Digital Marketing

Katharine Page makes sandals inspired by the form and function of equestrian leatherwork. It is an American company, born out of the owners' passion for the sport and lifestyle.

My role was to create interactive experiences to showcase that lifelong passion. The website also had to serve as a primary sales instrument for the company.

User flows and sitemap


Working with the owners, I helped define the strategy required to achieve their goals. The website was going to be a significant part of it. The first step was making sure its informational architecture reflected that.

Design and brand explorations


I expanded the brand's visual language and created new designs to help tell its story. Visitors immerse themselves in Katharine Page's lifestyle proposition. They get a taste of the company's passion for its products and the equestrian sport. The entire experience is responsive so that it can be enjoyed from an office chair or an equestrian event.

Landing page design


While the main website was being developed, a landing page introduced future fans to the brand and helped create awareness.

Email designs


Proper customer engagement requires easy to use tools. To make this happen, I implemented a fully customized ExpressionEngine content management system. The online shop was built on the powerful Shopify e-commerce platform. An easy-to-reference manual made updates and maintenance a breeze.

Our collaboration continued after the website launch. That's when the real work usually starts. Marketing materials and promotional campaigns kept the brand fresh, following feedback from customers.

More than a gifted designer, Lucian is a generous and thoughtful collaborator. With his exceptional technical expertise and his highly refined aesthetic, Lucian was able to create a rich, beautiful experience for our customers. We could not be happier.

Mark von Holstein, Katharine Page
Web designs


Right away, the website proved to be a valuable brand ambassador, as well as a successful sales tool. Customers and press gave it rave reviews. Its sales conversion rates beat industry e-commerce standards by significant margins.

Over time, design refreshes help to highlight the launch of new product lines.

With a solid, elegant, yet modern foundation, the website continued its success for years. Quality design — like the hand-crafted sandals Katharine Page makes — lasts.