How I helped shape one of the most iconic companies ever.
Art Direction
Web Design
Web Development
App Design

Everybody knows Groupon. For a few years, the company held the record for the fastest-growing company ever (Slack recently overtook it for that title).

I served as Groupon's lead design partner for three of its most successful years. In that role, I had a hand in most aspects of Groupon's interactive experiences. I lead design for a few different multidisciplinary in-house teams.

Landing page design


One of my first projects was with the Acquisitions team. Relying on analytics and A/B testing, the redesign of the main landing page increased conversion rates by over 300%. It also set a trend that is still heavily used to this day.

Mobile app design


Groupon's mobile app was one of the first fully mobile e-commerce platforms. Mobile-specific guidelines were still in their early stage. Creating successful designs required a lot of innovation that helped pave the way for the future of mobile commerce. With a solid base, it is still one of the top mobile retail apps to this day.

Art direction and marketing materials


I also acted as an art and creative director for various marketing and branding efforts. Putting Groupon's quirky tone in action was frequently as fun as it was challenging. Some of the April Fools campaigns I worked on became instant internet hits. The flying cat mascot gained its fair share of notoriety too.

E-commerce website design


As the company moved to a more traditional e-commerce model, I lead the redesign of the new platform. With a well-documented design system in place, many of the user flows and interface elements are still in use today.

The Groupon team also came up with my nickname: Lucian, the Solution.