spring 2013

Ditto Greetings

The online video greeting experience is about to be transformed forever.

Ditto Greetings is a new service that allows people to turn clips from their favorite movies and TV shows into custom video greetings. It was a blast being able to come in at an early stage in the project and help define the product and user experience as a whole.


My role:

  • Informational architecture
  • Website design
  • Mobile app design
  • Identity design
  • Presentation design
Ditto Greetings website and mobile app design

New Brand

Working closely with the Ditto team I took some of their original ideas and designed a complete set of visual assets for the new brand. The new logo design and all of its supporting assets help define the company’s message while introducing some of the quirky elements of its personality.

As part of an entire set of supporting materials, I’ve also created a custom investor pitch deck design.

Ditto Greetings branding

A Fun User Experience

The first step in defining the experience was to identify some of the most common user paths – how people discover Ditto, what they want to use it for, and when/where they will do all that. Next up, user flows continue the journey within the app and answer the question of how.

Ditto Greetings wireframes to full designs

By creating a straightforward route from challenge to solution, through innovative and fun interactions the entire process feels like a fully tailored personal experience, highlighted by amazing video content. Creating dedicated web and mobile versions of the user interface allowed for deeper levels of engagement by playing to the strengths and scenarios specific to each platform.

Ditto Greetings screenshot
Lucian was able to take our vision for Ditto and make a clean, fun, and user-friendly design. The final result was an end product we were all proud of, and one that functioned great for our users. — David DiGuardi, COO, Ditto Greetings


The new website and its mobile companion were an immediate success. The addictive and fun experience managed to send Ditto on their way to transform online greetings.

What are you waiting for? Go Ditto your friends!

Ditto Greetings pre-roll design

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