Building the world’s platform for change.
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Launched in 2007, is the world's largest online platform for social change. It has over 250 million members all around the world.

Some of its most famous petitions convinced Bank of America to drop its debit card fees or secured clemency for a 63-year-old grandma. People everywhere are making their voices heard and engaging decision-makers.

I helped bring it all to life back in 2007 as I worked with the founders to refine their idea.

User prompts


We started by refining the product strategy for what was a revolutionary model at the time. Testing wireframes and applying solid UX principles guided the process.

Brand design

& Branding

I also lead exploratory sessions for coming up with a suitable name for the start-up. In that context, the team came up with the now-famous domain name.

Once we figured out the name, I created the new branding. That covered everything from its interactive components to more traditional mediums.


The brand was then combined with the wireframes as I designed the entire platform. I also created the front-end code and assisted in its implementation.

Design system Why all the glorious pixels? Because 2007.


The entire design system was documented with an eye towards growth and rapid iteration. And the company did grow quickly right after launch. When you combine a powerful idea and a great user experience, good things usually happen.

Lucian is without question the best designer I have ever worked with and among the best I have ever seen. His clean and elegant design sense is what the web needs more of.

Ben Rattray, Founder,

I helped assemble the first in-house design team and set it up on its path to success. More than a decade later, I’m proud to recognize some of the initial directions still in use and validated.