winter 2013


Get ready to discover the new face of small business.

Bolstr is a marketplace where people can invest in and support the local small businesses that make their communities home. I was involved in a complete UX and UI redesign of the Bolstr platform with the primary goals of higher conversion rates and better user satisfaction.


My role:

  • Informational architecture
  • Website design
  • Website development
Bolstr responsive web app

Intuitive Flows

Existing user flows were analyzed and improved and new ones were detailed. Intuitively guiding small business owners through an onboarding process and campaign creation wizard that requires fairly large amounts of data was the main goal. For investors, many of them first timers, a different set of tools provided clear answers to their priorities.

Bolstr wireframes and user flows

Expressive Designs

As with any complex application, usability had to be a primary ingredient of the user interface. The new designs also had to hit a fine balance between the look of a modern professional platform and the essence and identity of local businesses. An important secondary goal was to help develop that personal connection between investors and the featured businesses.

Bolstr campaign profile
Bolstr web app screenshots

Long Term Outlook

Having a new platform that supports all targeted user types with processes that are financially and emotionally rewarding opens up a new type of marketplace that local businesses can easily tap into. To make sure any future developments are consistent, I’ve also created a complete style guide that accompanied the new designs.

Bolstr design guidelines

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