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2010 - 2013


For almost two years I have helped shape one of the most iconic web companies ever.

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Between January 2010 and January 2013 I have continuously assisted Groupon’s design department as an outside contractor and consultant.

In that role I have worked directly on various aspects of the whole Groupon interactive experience, from user flows to interface designs. I’ve been involved in coming up with the art direction for various secondary efforts, such as some of the April Fools’ Day campaigns and the now famous flying cat mascot. I have also lead a redesign of the Groupon Goods platform shortly after its release.

Spring 2007

Revolutionizing the way people interact on social issues with

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I have helped bring to life by creating its first visual identity, improving the informational architecture and designing the website, as well as developing the front-end templates and a buidling a custom Wordpress theme for the team’s blog.

Lucian is without question the best designer I have ever worked with and among the best I have ever seen. His clean and elegant design sense is what the web needs more of.— Ben Rattray, Founder,
Summer 2008


Squarespace v.5 revolutionized what an online CMS should be. I contributed to its good looks.

  • Web
  • Dev

For the launch of the revolutionary version 5 of their content management system, Squarespace appointed me to design and implement a custom blog theme to be included as one of the default themes.

The theme quickly became a popular choice as its different variations were implemented by large numbers of Squarespace customers.

Spring 2010


There’s a new way to get things done – just ask Siri – and Siri asked Emblematiq for a new look.

  • IA
  • Web
  • Dev
  • CMS

Siri’s web site is primarily a marketing tool for the product’s unique concept and capabilities but it is also a place where its growing user community can communicate with the company. To accomplish the first part of this goal, I came up with a design language that connects with the application itself, thus portraying the overall brand, and a specific set of interactions aimed at explaining what Siri is all about in just a few simple steps.

Lucian is a Miltonian man. He not only offered a number of innovative design concepts, but he built and QA’d the entire site. Still further, he did all this a on very tight schedule.— Faith Sedlin, Chief Marketing Officer, Siri

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