Ready? Set. Go!

Tell me about your design needs. I am now taking on new challenges.
Here are a few ways we can create value together:


You have a fantastic idea and need a design partner to make it a reality. That can be a startup or a new venture for an established company. I can help refine that idea, plan a roadmap, and lead it to fruition.
Typical duration:
2+ months
Flat fee, $15,000+
Rand McNally.


You need a long-term collaborator to expand your design and digital business capabilities. I can lead your team or bring in my partners, as required. Together we will open up new avenues of success in your everyday operations.
Typical duration:
6+ months
Monthly retainer, $2,500+/mo.
Chrome River.


You have a specific problem that needs solving. Maybe it's a landing page that is not converting well or a bottleneck in your app's workflow. We will run a week-long sprint where we identify the problem, design a solution and improve your KPIs.
Typical duration:
2 weeks
Flat fee, $2,500+

Umm, what about full time?

Are you with an innovative company that puts people first and technology second? Are you looking for a product design leader with strong mentorship skills? Remote friendly? Check, check, and ✔️?

Dream Projects

Bonus points if we get to work on some of the following:
Automotive UX/UI
Creating smarter methods of transportation for tomorrow.
Home Automation
Exploring how voice and natural interfaces (AR) can make our lives easier.
Social Change
Putting high-quality user experience to work as a catalyst for doing good.
Shaping dreams of a better tomorrow need to start today.
Pioneering work with a heavy dose of exploration and innovation.