Expertise. Clarity. Character.

Call me a wide-eyed dreamer, but I still believe in the power of a handshake.

I believe in having fun working together. I believe in learning from each other. I believe the journey can be as exciting as the destination. And I believe all that will be evident in the final result.

Lucian Slatineanu

Hi, nice to meet you

My name is Lucian Slatineanu, and I’m an independent designer of all things interactive. I partner with great companies and ambitious startups to transform ideas into exceptional results. We’ll have a great time working together!

I’ve been designing and building interactive products for over 20 years. I’ve been running this design agency for more than a decade. During this time, I’ve had the privilege of working on some of the most successful products ever. I will bring this level of expertise to your next project.

My work has produced multiple awards and highly acclaimed press. Most importantly, it has surpassed business goals and amazed millions of people.

I live near Chicago with my beautiful wife, two amazing kids, and a trouble-making cat.

I am strategic, ambitious, private, curious, confident, and imaginative. My personality type is INTJ-A — The Architect.


Chances are you’re already familiar with my work. Every single day millions of people use and enjoy the products I helped shape.

And if you want to get formal, here is my resume.

Some of my design clients Join the club! We have a secret handshake.

We’ve worked with Emblematiq for a number of years now. Lucian is extraordinarily talented. He has a special ability to make products and brands come to life.

Ben Wilde, Director Europe, ADEC Innovations

Emblematiq provided us with not only stunning creative work, but counsel and guidance in enhancing our online presence to maximize usability and effectiveness.

Daniel Obregon, VP of Marketing, Hobsons

Lucian is an extremely efficient creative mind who contributed greatly to our overall product. Rare in today's world can you find design that is so refreshingly focused on simplicity and creating an interface that is as intuitive and usable as possible.

Niki Scevak, Partner, Blackbird Ventures